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Dota 2 Boost Verified Reviews

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Featured Review nxx overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
4570 MMR
4800 MMR

Had a booster before this guy who kept losing games, Ec0 was professional and fast. Would use again. ^_^

Dota 2 Boost Team

Awesome customer :) Thanks!

Featured Review Tohtu overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
10 net wins

The boost started fast (15 minutes after the order). The booster is super efficient, he streamed the boost and played 10 games in less than a day.

Dota 2 Boost Team

Thank you, hope you will come back ;)

Featured Review qqqqq overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2100 MMR
2550 MMR

Insanely fast boost in half a day. Thank you so much.

Dota 2 Boost Team

Thank you as well mate!

Featured Review MikeC overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
1422 MMR
2600 MMR

Did and awesome job. Was extremely worried about sites like this, but cooper did an amazing job and took that worry away. Would consider having him boost again. Did it in a timely manner and was talking to me and answering questions anytime I had one.

Dota 2 Boost Team

Working for ya mate :)

Featured Review Natiivee overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Low Priority
5 games

Thank you Ksardas for washing my LP matches!! Your service was very fast. Also you’re a nice and responsible guy. I know that you’re gonna have more and more high recommendation and I know the reason..good communication, a responsible and realiable guy...everything just legit man! Even now I’m having boosting service from you too but I know that it’s gonna be done soon! P/S : At first I bought a boosting package without choosing booster option and there was random ‘’nice booster’’ who was very hard to talk with so I decided to change booster but somehow that guy, with the information of my account, logged into and removed almost valuable items. I’m now feeling disappointed but Ksardas also talked with me about that and gave me some advices too. I highly recommend that the choosing booster option is the good and safe one. I know this is a long review but that was my story, everyone should know about that. Ksardas you’re just awesome! Next time if I use the service again, you will always be my no.1 choice! Thanks!

Dota 2 Boost Team

Thank you for ordering from us!