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Featured Review Natiivee overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Low Priority
5 games

Thank you Ksardas for washing my LP matches!! Your service was very fast. Also you’re a nice and responsible guy. I know that you’re gonna have more and more high recommendation and I know the reason..good communication, a responsible and realiable guy...everything just legit man! Even now I’m having boosting service from you too but I know that it’s gonna be done soon! P/S : At first I bought a boosting package without choosing booster option and there was random ‘’nice booster’’ who was very hard to talk with so I decided to change booster but somehow that guy, with the information of my account, logged into and removed almost valuable items. I’m now feeling disappointed but Ksardas also talked with me about that and gave me some advices too. I highly recommend that the choosing booster option is the good and safe one. I know this is a long review but that was my story, everyone should know about that. Ksardas you’re just awesome! Next time if I use the service again, you will always be my no.1 choice! Thanks!

Dota 2 Boost Team

Thank you for ordering from us!

Featured Review Witwickey overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
1735 MMR
2800 MMR

Hello, I think overall with the winrate of the games, I am really impressed with my booster. But, we made an agreement to boost my account to 2855 and not 2840 as my MMR was 1790 and not 1735. And also, not happy with this company as I was not provided 30% off as it was shown on the website. Please be more authentic with the information and for the booster, I have no complaints. It was very nice of him

Dota 2 Boost Team

Hey, we appreciate your feedback. There was an auto-applied code during our promo and you couldn't buy without 30% discount unless you removed the code manually :)

Featured Review ZoukyBD overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2570 MMR
3350 MMR

Okay it's a bit of a long story, my first booster far nopulse and he was really bad with me so i asked for a new one. Ksardas is a good booster, is REALLY fast, more than 800 mmr in less than 2 days, wow. Just one little thing I didn't like, it took off my dotabuff connection without permission and that isnt cool (and he didnt use the heroes that i asked).

Dota 2 Boost Team

Hello! Thanks for your review, sorry for problems, it's not common at our service, but with your feedback we will be better, thanks again.

Featured Review terryfold overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
4130 MMR
5100 MMR

Left my account at 60 mmr higher than they promised and that was including 100 mmr bonus. Easy to deal with, matched the time frame, and communicated which pos they would play before grinding. I played a game immediately afterwards and was finally able to support, knowing that my cores would win the games I setup. Dota 2 is finally playable!

Dota 2 Boost Team

Thanks, we are happy to help! Nice review :)

Featured Review ginzhu overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2990 MMR
3350 MMR

Neeo executed my order flawlessly and in a very timely fashion. An absolute clinkz and huskar master. I highly recommend him if you want to get your order done quickly and with no issues. He even saved my settings before he changed them and showed them to me after he was done so I can revert back to my setup, which I greatly appreciate.

Dota 2 Boost Team

Appreciate your review, thanks for great explanations :)