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Featured Review terryfold overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
4130 MMR
5100 MMR

Left my account at 60 mmr higher than they promised and that was including 100 mmr bonus. Easy to deal with, matched the time frame, and communicated which pos they would play before grinding. I played a game immediately afterwards and was finally able to support, knowing that my cores would win the games I setup. Dota 2 is finally playable!

Dota 2 Boost Team

Thanks, we are happy to help! Nice review :)

Featured Review larondo overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
5561 MMR
5650 MMR

Kubee is just awesome ! if you get him as booster, feel free to ask him some advice, he will help you will pleasure ! It was by the way a please to meet him and learn from him !

Dota 2 Boost Team

Wow. What a lovely review. Thank you for such amazing feedback!

Featured Review mr_p overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
10 games

The booster played insanely well and was done in about 9h. He won all 10 games with ease, yet he decided to let himself get killed aprox. 3 times at the games end. Why he did this, he didnt answer. My KDA was about 4-6 I guess. I gained 700 MMR. I hoped for more, at least I can play my solo games with humans again.

Featured Review devgrux6x overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
1511 MMR
2200 MMR

Good Booster. Recommended! Getting him next time too

Featured Review MajinMoore overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
10 MMR
1650 MMR

This service is absolutely amazing. Am out of my low MMR ranking and able to watch back the matches and learn. Now I do so well :)

Dota 2 Boost Team

Thanks for awesome feedback mate! Enjoy :)

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