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Featured Review freshmeat overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
4300 MMR
4400 MMR

Order was rated without description.

Featured Review Thodoris overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
3180 MMR
3650 MMR

Account is banned

Featured Review mhn overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
3177 MMR
3400 MMR

Extremely dissapointed in the service. The booster insisted I play heros I am not comfourtable playing, would point out mistakes I was making in games and telling me how bad I am playing the hero I was playing. Could not communicate because he knew close to zero english. The booster encouraged me to order a boost from him without using the website, so he could make more profit. He also insisted I typed ''order complete'' into this websites chat and said that we would finish my order later, and I trusted him. He banned me from his discord and blocked me so I cannot contact him and my order remains unfinished. If this review is public for other customers planning to make orders, i strongly recommend to look elsewhere. Extremely disrespectful service. Would not recommend to anyone.