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Featured Review ZoukyBD overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2570 MMR
3350 MMR

Okay it's a bit of a long story, my first booster far nopulse and he was really bad with me so i asked for a new one. Ksardas is a good booster, is REALLY fast, more than 800 mmr in less than 2 days, wow. Just one little thing I didn't like, it took off my dotabuff connection without permission and that isnt cool (and he didnt use the heroes that i asked).

Dota 2 Boost Team

Hello! Thanks for your review, sorry for problems, it's not common at our service, but with your feedback we will be better, thanks again.

Featured Review mr_p overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
10 games

The booster played insanely well and was done in about 9h. He won all 10 games with ease, yet he decided to let himself get killed aprox. 3 times at the games end. Why he did this, he didnt answer. My KDA was about 4-6 I guess. I gained 700 MMR. I hoped for more, at least I can play my solo games with humans again.

Dota 2 Boost Team

That's is all about :) Thanks for ordering from us!

Featured Review rholterl1 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
779 MMR
2400 MMR

Awesome booster. They start boosting almost immediately and with no losses, just that reply from booster sometimes takes a while if I wanna borrow the account when he’s playing but having said that, really2 fast boosting. Wanting to avail for more in the future if needed. Tien is awesome!

Dota 2 Boost Team

Love to hear that :) thx you!

Featured Review Pastore overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2100 MMR
2600 MMR

First was a bit of misunderstanding with one of the boosters which took longer than expected but than i got Ec0x1 which is great. we even calibrated on way more than i expected. great and fast service

Dota 2 Boost Team

glad you liked the service mate, ty:)

Featured Review jaysonwolf overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
3741 MMR
4000 MMR

Very Polite, Very quick, Very Friendly. Would have been 5 stars if he played 1 more game since I was 9mmr short of the purchased amount. But amazing and would use again! Thank You

Dota 2 Boost Team

Thanks for letting us chance to prove! Will be waiting for your next order!

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